अभियंता वसंत

karad sir

Prof. Shivaji G.Karad

Cultural Coordinator

At IoPE, Lonere we strongly feels that leisure, recreation, extra-curricular activities are essential things for student to achieve the peak of their performance. Students are, therefore, offered the opportunities to express skills, talents & creativity in different fields. The pleasure derived out of these activities rejuvenate their energy to overcome the gruelling academic pursuit.

The Cultural section intends to create an environment where we can pursue creativity, mutual understanding & teamwork. It strives to identify talents of the students and also induce them to participate in the extracurricular activities and thus boost up Art, Literature and Culture in the College. Every year we jointly organize our Annual Social Gathering – Abhiyanta Vasant full with events like dancing, singing, acting, debate, rangoli, painting, etc. Various Cultural days are also celebrated every year with keeping some social aspects too with fun and joy.

Our Cultural Team 2017-18


Alankar Krishna Parte

Cultural Secretary

(Third Year Plastic & Polymer Engineering.)


Sahil Jotiram Dadas

Fine Arts Secretary

(Third Year Information Technology.)


Ajinkya Raorane

Literature Secretary

(Third Year Petrochemical Engineering)


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