Hon’ble Supreme Court has directed in SLP No. 24295 of 2006 dated 16-05-2007 and in Civil Appeal number 887 of 2009, dated 08-05 2009 to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging. All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi has issued a Notification on 1st July 2009 for the prevention and prohibition of ragging in Technical Institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting Technical Education vide F.No.37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 in exercise of the powers conferred under Section 23 read with Section 10 (b), (g), (p) and (q) of AICTE Act, 1987.

All India Council for Technical Education, has made the Regulations called the All India Council for Technical Education (Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Technical Institutions, Universities including Deemed to be Universities imparting technical education) Regulations 2009 and the University Grants Commission in its letter dated 13th July 2011 directed the Vice-Chancellor to ensure strict compliance and monitoring of anti-ragging measures to curb the menace of ragging.

The Anti-ragging Committee is constituted as follows:

  1. Principal, I.O.P.E., Lonere
  2. Tehsildar (Mangaon), Ex-officio representative of Civil Administration
  3. Police Sub-Inspector (Goregaon PS), Ex-officio representative of Police Administration
  4. Representatives of Local Media  a) Shri. Krishn Mahadik  b) Shri. Kamalakar Howal
  5. Representatives of NGO involved in youth activities a) Shri. Tushar Inamdar, Swadesh Foundation, Lonere b) Dr. Vivek Seth, Goregaon

Apart from above members, following members from faculty, non-teaching staff, parents and student members (fresher’s and senior student members) from Institute of Petrochemical Engineering, Lonere will represent the committee. 

Representatives of Faculty Members

  • Dr. N. S. Lingayat
  • Dr. D. S. Karanjkar
  • Dr. D.G. Jadhav
  • Prof. S. M. Sable
  • Prof. R. S. Kulkarni
  • Prof. D. J. Laddha
  • Dr. H. P. Srivastava
  • Prof. S. M. Gaikwad
  • Dr. M. W. Barve
  • Prof. Mrs. G. S. Mahamunkar                                 

Representatives of Non-Teaching Staff

  • A. S. More
  • R. V. Nagarkar
  • P. U. Dhepe
  • V. A. Salagare
  • S. P. Deshmukh

Representatives of Parents

  • Pandhari Mahadev Shedge, At.Post Mukund Nagar Goregaon, Tal.Mangaon, Dist.Raigad
  • Ashok Sakharam Salvi, At.Mangalmurti sankul, Kacheri Road Mangaon, Tal.Mangaon, Dist.Raigad
  • Sandip Madhukar Borase, At.Vandana Appt, Kacheri Road Mangaon, Tal.Mangaon, Dist.Raigad
  • Mahadev Ramchandra Gaikwad, At.Post.Kinjalghar, Tal.Mahad, Dist.Raigad
  • Shrikant Anantrao Raorane, At.Post. Adkur, Tal.Chandgad, Dist.Kolhapur
  • Shantaram Namdev More, At.Post. Mangaon, Tal.Mangaon, Dist.Raigad
  • Sachin Vijay Yelve, At.Post Narayan Pakhadi, Tal.Shrivardhan, Dist.Raigad
  • Baburao Dhondu Gugale, At.Post.Mangaon, Tal.Mangaon, Dist.Raigad
  • Kanhaiya Mehta, At.Po.Lonere, Tal.Mangaon, Dist.Raigad
  • Mohan Kisan Yadav, At.Kharavali, Post.Birwadi, Tal.Mahad, Dist.Raigad

Representatives of Students belonging to the “fresher” Category

    1. Mr. Shivam Kolape, Computer Engineering
    2. Mr. Avishkar Sachin Yelve, Information Technology
    3. Mr. Tushar Raut, Electrical Engineering
    4. Mr. Kalpesh Hemant Bhoir, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
    5. Mr. Talha Abdul Hakeem Shaikh, Instrumentation Engineering
    6. Mr. Omkar A. Kawade, Chemical Engineering
    7. Mr. Shrikant Joshi, Petrochemical Engineering

Representatives of Students belonging Senior Students Category

  1. Ranjit Raygavli, Computer Engineering, Third Year
  2. Sahil Jotiram Dadas, Information Technology, Third Year
  3. Aadesh Sandip Borase, Electrical Engineering, Third Year
  4. Panchafulla Lohakare, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Third Year
  5. Kiran Shantaram More, Plastic & Polymer Engineering, Third year
  6. Swapnil S. Sabne, Chemical Engineering, Third Year
  7. Saurabh Sawant, Petrochemical Engineering, Third Year
  8. Dipesh Sanjaykumar Sinha, Instrumentation Engineering. Third Year


It shall be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of these regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging; and also to monitor and oversee the performance of the Anti-ragging squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.