Sr. No.Name of Lab Name of Lab In-chargeName of Major Equipment/FacilityCost (In Rs.)
1Environmental Engg.Prof. R. S. Kulkarni1) UV –Vis Spectrophotometer 2) Gas Chromatograph 3) Dissolved Oxygen meter (Multiparameter) 4) COD Reactor 5) Eco. BOD meter 6) UPS – 6KVA 7) Flask Shaker 8) Analytical Balance14,31,098/-
2PIC LabProf. R. S. KulkarniPID Controller50,000/-
3Mass Transfer Prof. Y.Y. Kakare1) Packed Distillation column 2) Liquid – Liquid Extraction1,13,000/-
4Solid fluid operationProf. Y.Y. Kakare1) Ball Mill 2) Jaw crusher 3) Cyclone Separator 4) Filter Press1,68,676/-
5Fluid MechanicsProf. Y.Y. KakareBernoulli’s Theorem app.40,200/-
6Heat transfer LabProf. R. S. Kulkarni1) Single effect evaporator 2) Double pipe heat exchanger 3) Bomb calorimeter 4) Stefan boltzman apparatus 5) Thermal conductivity of metal bar 6) Emmisivity measurement 7) Shell & tube heat exchanger1,84,619/-