Petrochemical Engineering PEOs POs PSOs


Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1 To provide a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems

PEO2 To impart training to students with good scientific and engineering breadth in core subjects so as to analyze , design and apply knowledge for development and create solutions for the real life problems

PEO3 To prepare students to excel in technical fields in order to pursue graduate programs or to succeed in industry/technical profession, R&D institutions through global and new emerging areas in chemical and Petrochemical engineering

PEO4 To develop an ability to understand problems from other disciplines of science and engineering and provide solution by use of his professional skills.

PEO5 To impart skills necessary, as a professional, for adapting rapid changes taking place in the Petrochemical ,chemical and allied industries as well as getting ready for unconventional industries like software industry

PEO6 To provide environment of knowledge and sense of responsibility towards ethical issues arising due to development of new technologies in the society on large scale

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1 The ungraduate will possess the fundamental knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry , Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering

PO2 The ungraduate will demonstrate an ability to identify, apply, analyse and solve Petrochemical Engineering problems.

PO3 The ungraduate will have an ability to understand the process or operation for synthesis of a product within the realistic constraints.

PO4 The ungraduate will have an ability to use modern engineering tools for analyzing and understanding different processes and operations

PO5 The ungraduate will have broad understanding of the impact of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering field in economic, environmental and social context and also will be aware of the contemporary issues.

PO6 The ungraduate will possess the knowledge of emerging topics in the fields of Chemical , Petrochemical and Energy engineering

PO7 The ungraduate will posses communication skills necessary to communicate engineering ideas. The skill set include verbal, written and listening skills.

PO8 The ungraduate will demonstrate the ability to work and collaborate in heterogeneous teams

PO9 The ungraduate will demonstrate the awareness of professional and ethical responsibilities

PO10 The ungraduate will develop self confidence and ability for lifelong learning