Electrical Engineering Laboratory Information

Sr. No.Name of Lab Name of Lab In-chargeName of Major Equipment/FacilityCost (In Rs.)
1HV LaboratoryProf. U. A. Kharat1) 30 KV A.C./ 40 KV D.C. Test Set for measuring dielectric strength of insulating material (Input- 230 V Variable) S/P- 0 to 30 KV A.C. & 0-40 KV 2) 0-60 KV Transformer oil testing kit (Manual version) operating from single phase supply 3) Sphere gap assembly for standard diameter (for 150 mm gap) with necessary attachment 4) Rod gap apparatus1,50,000/-
2Electrical Machines LaboratoryDr. N. S. Lingayat1) DC Motor Generator Set 2) DC Motor Alternator Set 3) Special Purpose Machines 4) Single Phase Induction Motors 5) Transformers of Various Ratings 6) Measuring Instruments3,00,000/-
3Basic Electrical and Measurement LaboratoryProf. (Mrs.) D. S. Shet1) Different Bridges 2) Transformers and Auto-transformers 3) Load Banks 4) Measuring Instruments 5) Power Supplies1,00,000/-